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ColusaNET Wireless Broadband
Your best route to the Internet
No phone?   No cable?   NO PROBLEM!

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Updated June, 2012.

This site shows pictures of our tower construction project in detail, a 150' Rohn SSV.  For the full presentation, you can download our pdf file.   The links below also show pictures of each stage.  EMAIL "rkunze @ colusanet . com" if you would like additional information about this project.

Tower builder and founder of ColusaNET Inc, Rick Kunze is often invited to speak about this project at WISPCON, the Wireless Internet Service Provider conference, as well as other venues.  He also speaks on WISP related issues at the FCC <sidebar> and is active in Internet policy and regulatory issues at both the state and federal level.  ( http://www.colusanet.com/federal_communications_comm-2.htm

"Getting the Job Done"
(With a little help from my friends!)

We're pleased to provide Wireless Broadband at the Annual Colusa Farm Show.  The longest running farm show in the State of California and the first with wireless Internet for attendees and exhibitors.  And we've done it since 2004!


(Note: I am not a contractor, nor is anyone associated with this project.  The methods being utilized are strictly my own ideas and are not endorsed by nor necessarily approved by anyone you see in these pictures.  You should consult with appropriate professionals if you are considering such a project.  Laws and building codes will vary.)